Latest Project News

Latest Project News

VARE Project Seminar Held in Poland

The Polish seminar on VARE project took place in Warsaw on 8 June 2017. The event gathered over 60 participants representing vocational schools and supervising bodies from all over the country. The organisers, Cooperation Fund Foundation, presented the assumptions and results of the project, and examples of assessors requirements in the partner countries. The participants had an opportunity to learn about different approaches to assessment in vocational education and discuss the situation in Poland, where assessment competence is not treated as separate qualification but a part of pedagogical competence. They sought to answer the question whether each teacher makes a good assessor or whether more CPD would be recommended in this regard.

23/06/2017 16:18:00

Dissemination seminar in Slovenia

The dissemination seminar in Slovenia took place on Friday 26 May 2017 in Bled, and was attended by 52 VET schoolteachers, headmasters and other VET stakeholders. In the plenary session, the participants first learned about current events on the topic of quality assurance and quality development in Slovenia. This was followed by the presentation of the whole VARE project – the purpose, objectives and results (comparative report, comparison tool and examples of good practices). At the end of presentation, the discussion with the participants followed. Delegates reported that they learned a lot of useful information and that they see benefits of examples of good practices, which will assist them in their work.

02/06/2017 09:18:00

Second partner meeting held

The VARE project team met in Vienna to discuss the progress of the project and feedback from on-going stakeholder interviews and the survey.

The team have compiled country files detailing how each country regulates the role of ‘assessors’ in vocational education programmes: whether they need to be trained teachers or sector experts, whether they must hold specific qualifications or whether this is left at the school’s or training institution’s discretion, and which bodies set the requirements.

A catalogue of the requirements will be developed in the next nine months, and will be available online at

26/10/2016 16:15:00

Vocational training is focus for new European project

Who can assess a vocational qualification? UK NARIC is leading a new Erasmus+ project, VARE (Vocational Assessor Requirements in Europe) to research this and compile an information catalogue. The multi-country project team had its initial meeting over 2 days at UK NARIC’s Cheltenham offices in October. The project is now under way.

27/10/2015 10:03:00